Power Wars

Recently Dominion Power the main provider of electricity in NoVa sent out a letter about a proposed new power line

From the opening paragraph the letter was full of scare tactics such as “ability to provide electricity increasingly at risk” and “imagine what life would be like on a hot August afternoon when the thermometer reads 100 degrees and traffic lights, office elevators and air conditioners stop working” 

The letter goes on to urge people to contact their legislatorsI found the cause of the problem particularly interesting. This “problem” is entirely human driven

Residential construction in some of the fastest growing countries in the nation

Larger homes to heat and cool with computer, plug-in gizmos and restaurant sized appliances

The Army adding 22,000 employees at For Belvoir, doubling its size

Expansions of Metrorail and Tysons Corner – a potential doubling of office space in the region

Expansion of Washington Dulles International Airport to handle twice the commercial traffic

Construction of number energy-intensive computer data centers.   

In all likelihood the power line will be built and much like transportation the real issue is being ignored.  Another electrical “highway” will be constructed and once again too much emphasis is placed on the supply instead of the demand part of the problem.  To avoid having this situation again in 2027 more creative solutions are needed on the supply and demand side.


~ by novamiddleman on January 24, 2007.

One Response to “Power Wars”

  1. Glad I could be the first to comment on your new blog.

    I completely agree with your take on the Dominion letter, it’s fraught with holes and falsities. Despite the scare tactics, Dominion has yet to prove that we need this 40-mile stretch of 500,000 volt transmission lines straight through the heart of Virginia. These predicted blackouts aren’t due to growth in Northern Virginia but because Dominion wants to increase their profits by shipping electricity from dirty coal-fired plants in the Midwest, through Virginia and up to the Northeast. Plus, they would have the Dominion ratepayers all over Virginia cover the multi-million dollar cost.

    Like you, my organization, Virginians for Sensible Energy Policies Action Fund, wants Dominion power to seek energy alternatives and the state of Virginia to adopt policies that encourage energy efficiency. According to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, Virginia ranks in the bottom ten states in regard to efficient use of energy. We believe that Virginia can meet all of its energy needs through a comprehensive state energy plan that promotes the use of modern technology and energy efficiency not creating more incentives for inefficient and antiquated means of electricity delivery.

    In fact, there is a Public Hearing on Energy and Transmission Legislation tonight in Richmond that will cover Dominion’s plan, although a little late if you’re interested, here are the facts regarding the hearing,


    Thanks and I look forward to hearing your take on NoVa issues.

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