Further tracking the House of Delegates 75th pops up

Not Larry Sabato is arguably the best blog site for tracking local and state level races across the state.  In a recent post Ben provided a breakdown of the closeness of house seats.  James over at Virginia Progressive followed up by analyzing the internet usage for competitive districts

All the people in competitive dsitricts without websites are long standing incumbents except for one

Tyler (D 75th).  The district is reliably democratic but Tyler won in 2005 with less than 51% of the vote.  There are several new factors in play here including the lack of coattails in an off year election, performance over the last two years, if a primary will occur, and the staus of an R challenger in the general.  Part of the reason Tyler had a close race was that there was a contested primary and the outgoing delegate was supporting a different candidate. 


~ by novamiddleman on January 28, 2007.

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