Taming the Transportation tiger

A long term fix to transportation is going to require three things

1. More funding to address rising maintenance costs and make up for diminishing returns on existing funding resources

2. An open and honest debate about the best way to spend transportation dollars

3. How to reduce future transportation costs of which land use is an important component

All three items are important but number 1 receives the lions share of political and MSM attention.  Bacons Rebellion is famous for trying to address number 3 and this year there is some progress in the proposed transportation plans… which takes us to number 2 how to ensure transportation dollars are spent wisely. 

Number 2 is receiving scant attention but is at least as important as number one and number three.  Number 2 is arguably why the transportation referenda lost in NoVa and Hampton Roads.  When you run a business, cost benefit analysis is an important part of the decision making process.  This trait is sorely missed throughout many levels of the government.  As an aside the lack of number two is also why I am a fiscal conservative and support Republicans.   

Look for a companion piece later this week comparing the three plans


~ by novamiddleman on January 30, 2007.

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