Virginia for Prosperity

Just wanted to take a moment and highlight the important work going on via the Virginia chapter of Americans for prosperity

The following is taken from a recent email 

Lawmakers are busy in Richmond considering nearly 3,000 pieces of legislation that have been introduced this session. And we are busy promoting our 2007 Virginia Taxpayer Trust Agenda, the key legislative initiatives that we are focusing on to help restore fiscal discipline to Richmond. This agenda is our effort to protect taxpayers and to ensure that our Virginia lawmakers become better stewards of our tax dollars.

Things are moving quickly as we’re just over a week away from “Crossover,” when all legislation is passed from its house of origin (House or Senate), to the other body for consideration.

As a quick update on some of our key issues:

  • Ending Earmarks: Americans for Prosperity would like to thank the 25 members of the House of Delegates who made no requests for funding for non-state agencies this year. Unfortunately, millions of earmarks were still requested by the Governor, the House, and the Senate. In fact, in total, members of the Senate requested a total of $112,954,241 in pork-barrel earmarks to non-state agencies!! See the list here.
  • Enacting a Taxpayer Protection Amendment: Two key constitutional amendments to cap state spending are scheduled to be heard Friday in the House Privileges and Elections Committee. HJ684, carried by Delegate Jeff Frederick, is based on AFP-model legislation developed by AFP distinguished scholar Dr. Barry Poulson. Delegate Lee Ware is carrying a slightly different version of this bill; His bill, HJ626, was previously approved by the House of Delegates in 2005, but was not acted upon in the Senate. Both versions of this amendment include the important provision that a portion of all surplus revenues must be returned to the taxpayer.
  • Locking Transportation Trust Fund: HJ18 (Patron: Delegate Bob Marshall), having gained unanimous support in the House of Delegates, will now be sent to the Senate.
  • Grading Government Efficiency with the “Yellow Pages Test”: HB2137 (Patron: Delegate Ben Cline) is an amended version of HB22137. It also gained unanimous support from the House of Delegates, and will now be heard by the Senate Committee on General Laws and Technology.
  • Protecting private property rights by fighting eminent domain: Senator Obenshain has introduced SB1096, and Delegate Bell is carrying HB2954 as a companion piece. Delegate Joannou’s bill, HJ722, and a number of other constitutional amendments that have been introduced are intended to provide long-term protection for property owners.

You can search for legislation available online here.


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