Why some Rs are upset at Chichester

We all know in 2006 nothing happened with Transportation.

So in 2007 in order to get something done a R compromise package was floated.  It was/isn’t perfect but it was a decent start and helped unite the more anti-tax house and spending senate.

Meanwhile Governor Kaine basically proposed the exact same plan from 2006 without any compromise

The reason many Rs are upset is because instead of having the Ds and Kaine compromise from their 2006 position Chichester made a proposal for them.

So now the Rs are facing the prospect of compromising further while the Ds and Kaine have not moved one iota from the original idea in 2006.

I am an R but I don’t want to come off as totally bashing Kaine and the Ds.  There are some very good land-use proposals tucked in the legislation but the fact remains instead of compromising they waited and Chichester handed them an additional compromise without any change on their part.


~ by novamiddleman on February 4, 2007.

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