The dangers of short-term policy thinking

There was an interesting article about growth controls in the Washington Post today

To hear some activists and local officials in Virginia tell it, the key to slowing rampant growth is to follow the lead of many Maryland counties: Ban development where roads and schools are crowded.

But here is what that method has accomplished in Anne Arundel County: More than one-third of its school districts are closed to new subdivisions, even in areas intended to absorb construction under the state’s much-touted “slow-growth” laws. As a result, development is being pushed to more rural parts of the state less suited to handle it.

this then contributes to additional sprawl and transportation costs as roads are extended into areas farther away,

The transportation and growth debate are closely related.  Instead of action for the sake of action care should be taken to study the consequences of said action.  There is plenty of information and case studies from which to learn including the MD counties mentioned in the article, Fairfax and Arlington.  Transportation and Growth Actions may look good for short-term election politics but the long-term effects are enormous. Doing something for the sake of “something” is foolish and unwise.  Knee-jerk reactions are usually bad policy which can have a negative impact for generations. 


~ by novamiddleman on February 8, 2007.

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