A walk down the lobbyist section

Some interesting stuff found on government websites 

There are over 175 agencies listed in the Liaison Book.  Its neat that the contact information is available but 175 seperate agencies.  Humm do we really need 175 maybe some could be eliminated.

Lobbyist in a box for a low low fee of 95 bucks to access bill information.  Humm maybe Waldo could start charging 90 bucks for lobbyists to access Richmond Sunlight that would be a fun price war.

Arguably the most interesting find: a way to search for lobbyists.  Search choices include by name, organization funding the lobbyist, and even how much lobbyists get payed.  Don’t get your hopes up too much the funding information is largely blank 😦     


~ by novamiddleman on February 13, 2007.

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