Who will blink first

There are five individuals who stand between the Republican compromise plan and no plan at all.  And no it’s not the gang of five most of them were active participants during the negotiation of the compromise plan.

It probably won’t be Chichester the architect of the alternate plan,  Potts is retiring so he is unlikely to switch which takes us to Blevins, Hawkins and Watkins.  To avoid a tie all three of them have to support whatever comes out of the conference committee  

Blevins lives in Chesapeake so the Hampton Roads regional plan can be tweaked to please him

Hawkins represents an area in Southside which includes Danville

Watkins  represents an area West of Richmond 

Also waiting in the wings are Rerras and Hanger who have voted both ways.

To make matters even more complicated almost all of the members of the conference committee support the Republican compromise plan and are against the senate plans(s) 

The bottom line: passing a transportation plan is once again a very uphill battle. 


~ by novamiddleman on February 16, 2007.

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