Who will blink first Part 2

Who will blink first part 1 

So the first round of the transportation debate is over

In the house the measure passed 64-34 with 13 democrats supporting the measure otherwise the vote would have been 51-47  look how close that could have been.   

There are three main theories to explain why the democrats crossed over.  

1.  They liked the bill

2.  Political reasons since they represent purple districts

3.  The bill needed to be passed to reach the Governors desk so he could amend it later (I strongly doubt this theory because the outcome in the senate was so close and nearly impossible to predict) 

On the senate side the vote was 21-18(19)

Now Tim Kaine has the option of signing the bill, vetoing it, or amending it

All indications are that he will amend it and the initial focus seems to be the transfer of new money from the general fund to transportation.  These are not actual cuts but reductions in the rate of future growth.  Expect school trailer horror stories and grandma being neglected anyway.

After Kaine is done amending the bill it will go back to the house and senate for approval.  The spotlight will be on the senate and the fragile 21-19 split.  Senator Watkins will likely be the biggest target to try and flip.  That would make it 20-20.  It is still unclear about what would happen in a tie so democrats will also be trying to flip Senator Blevins and Senator Hawkins among others. 

Seems like Virginia will have its own version of Transportation March Madness

On a side note Virginia basketball teams are doing well and several should get an invitation to the big dance.


~ by novamiddleman on February 26, 2007.

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