A tale of three counties

2007 is a local election year in Northern Virginia.  In addition to the general assembly, many county officials will also be elected.  The 2008 budget is a key indicator of county priorities and principles.  With flat or decreasing home assessments counties have some interesting decisions to make.  It is worth mentioning these are the proposed numbers.  Nothing has been finalized yet.

In Fairfax County The proposed 3.3 billion (yes with a b) budget will increase by 3% and the real esate tax rates will remain flat at 89 cents.  The school budget is slated to grow at 4% which is down from a 5.1% request.  

New proposed service cost increases include Trash collection up to $350 a year from $315 per household and sewer service up 6.75 percent, or about $18 a year per household.

In Loudoun County the proposed 1.38 billion budget will increase by 13.5% and real estate rates will increase 8.5 cents to 97.5.  The average real estate tax bill will increase by 2% or $85.  There are also options to increase the real estate rate at a smaller amount or decrease the rate from current levels.  There is a public hearing tonight on the budget  

In Prince William County, the budget is still being finalized but the budget will probably decrease around 20 million dollars and the real estate tax rate will remain flat at 75.8 cents  

All three of these example will be interesting to watch.  Is Fairfax an election year stunt or a return to fiscal responsibility.  Will Loudoun County residents become even more anti-growth when they see the costs in the budget.  What will Prince William County cut and can this be used as a model for other areas.

And finally a brief look at Arlington County.  You gotta love their consistentcy to growing the government.  The proposed budget is 873.6 million which is a 5% increase and the school system proposed budget is a 5.9% increase.  Real estate tax rates to remain flat at 81.8 cents and the average bill will go down $35 due to slight decreases in property values.      


~ by novamiddleman on February 28, 2007.

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