The “Black vote”

These days it seems you can’t get through any political media without hearing about the “Black vote”

Some samples…

The black vote is crucial for the democratic primary; the primary schedule should be changed to reflect more of the black vote; Clinton and Obama are sparring over the black vote

So what is the “black vote” exactly?  Is there a formula to get it?  Can you write a wikipedia article about it?  Is there an official platform for the black vote?  Do you have to be born before a certain date to count? (and no I’m not talking about being 18)  

Maybe its just me but I have problem with all of this.  I don’t think there is a black vote.  I think just like any other group of Americans blacks look at candidates and decide who to vote for based on individual preferences.  Personally, I know black laborers and lawyers, city dwellers and country folk, democrats and republicans, atheists and Christians.  So please explain to me MSM what exactly is this black vote you keep talking about that encompasses the views of all of these individuals so neatly. 

This also goes for the Hispanic vote the Asian vote the soccer mom vote the nascar dad vote.  Please quit trying to group us into boxes it is insulting to try.  People don’t fit into the 10 second soundbite bumper sticker culture.  We can all make up our own minds thank you very much.  Hopefully someday these labels will sound as silly as talking about the “white vote”    


~ by novamiddleman on March 5, 2007.

3 Responses to “The “Black vote””

  1. Didn’t realize you had a site here. Cool 🙂

    Anyway – there is a segment of the black community that can properly be referred to as the “black vote.” That segment is what the media refers to, although the MSM tends to think it represents all (or nearly all) of the black voters, which is not true.

  2. If there is not a “black vote” then why do candidates go to black churches to give speeches? They do not go to white churches.

  3. Actually, skl, when I ran for office, I did go to white churches.

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