Intro Part 2

The evolution of novamiddleman. 

I really used to be an independent moderate.  I supported John McCain in 2000, voted for Bush in the general election and voted for Kerry in 2004.  Shortly after the electionI stumbled upon the Virginia blogosphere.  I lurked for a while and as I lurked things began to happen.  I found that I was agreeing with the R blogs more often than the D ones.  So, I decided to become a republican.  Then I started to post comments.  Then around this time last year some new sites started to appear in the blogosphere and some older sites increasingly began to change their focus. 

These sites wern’t interested in policy debates or ideas or trying to convince someone to approach their point of view.  No these sites were what I like to refer to as attack sites and posted attacks or gotchas from the other side more often than  neutral general posts or posts in favor or support of their side.  I would comment and be ignored or occasionally even ridiculed.  It seemed the only people welcome were echo chambers.  About this time the aggregator wars started.  And now we have numerous aggregators that provide instant access to echo chambers.     

Which brings us to the present day.  The post I had about Brian Moran was probably my first slightly negative posts.  My hit count today is off the charts and I have people coming in from various links I have never heard of.  

So now what.  Yes I am a republican and I will propably be doing more posts in support of different republicans especially as the election cycle heats up. And on occasion I will do posts asking questions about what democrats are doing and on a rare occasion I might even post some negative material. 

However, I will also continue to post about general issues especially related to budgets, transportation  growth issues and random other topics.  I also welcome debate and I have turned off the moderating feature on the comments.  I plan on leaving it off unless spam becomes a problem. 

Fellow bloggers, lurkers, politicians, and average Joes and political junkies the 2007 election cycle is just getting started. Its going to be an exciting ride. 



~ by novamiddleman on March 7, 2007.

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