What did Brian Moran mean?

Yesterday there was a decent summary article about the Transportation proposal in the Connection.  Several of our politicians had some interesting quotes throughout the piece.  However my personal favorite has to be Brian Moran.

HOUSE of Delegates Democratic caucus leader Brian Moran said many of the Democrats who supported the bill were less experienced.
“The more senior members who have been around for awhile and have experienced economic downturns and what those mean for the state budget, they all voted against the bill,” said Moran.

So reading between the lines it looks like Brian is upset with the 12(13) democratic delegates who voted for the transportation plan.  Stand strong suburban democrats do whats best for your districts don’t let Brian bully you around.

NoVa Democrats for the plan — David L. Bulova (Fairfax), C. Charles Caputo (Fairfax), Dave W. Marsden (Fairfax), David E. Poisson (Loudoun), Stephen C. Shannon (Fairfax), Mark D. Sickles (Fairfax).



~ by novamiddleman on March 7, 2007.

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