By the numbers…

A little comparison between the last three major transportation projects in Northern Virginia

Springfield Interchange total cost around 700 million

90% Federal 630 Million 10% State 70 Million

Daily Average 430,000 vehicles/”people”

Woodrow Wilson Bridge Replacement total Cost around 2.5 Billion

60% Federal 1.5 Billion  20% State(s) 430 Million The other 500 Million is split between the feds and the state

Daily Average 250,000 vehicles/”people”

Silver Line Total Cost 4.5 Billion and climbing

20% Federal 900 Million 40% State 1.8 Billion 40% Local 1.8 Billion

Note: Dulles toll road monies will be used to pay for parts of the state share so local costs will probably be even greater  

Daily Average 50,000-90,000 People/”Vehicles”

Will Close on this

Officials in Virginia detailed their plan to build a Metrorail extension from West Falls Church to the Reston area last week. The so called “Silver Line” faces significant hurdles in persuading the Bush Administration and Congress to pay half of the estimated $1.5 billion cost. Virginia would generate its share of the rail cost by raising tolls on the Dulles Toll Road. The “Silver Line” is a slimmed down version of a previous $4 billion plan to build rail to Dulles International Airport. The plan was criticized by the Federal Transit Administration for being too expensive for the number of passengers it would carry.

I think the words and numbers speak for themselves.


~ by novamiddleman on March 22, 2007.

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