Is the Virginia senate really up for grabs?

Everyone knows how important the Virginia Senate elections are because they will impact the redistricting process.  The democrats need four seats to regain control of the state senate.  Three of the democrat targeted seats are in Fairfax.  But are these seats really winnable for the democrats?  Let’s take a closer look from least likely to flip to most likely

Senator Jay Obrien recently hosted a successful kickoff event.  The democrats have a primary to go through.  Additioanlly, Seantor Obriens seat has a chunk of Prince William County.  Because of these three factors I personally feel Senator Obrien is fairly safe but nothing should be taken for granted

In the last campaign cycle, Senator Ken Cuccinelli was the number one target for democrats and he is likely to be near the top again this campaign cycle.  Senator Cuccinelli also has several things going for him.  Senator Cuccinelli has a likeable personality, is an excellent campaigner, and is the incumbant.  He realizes his district is changing and is focusing on issues that matter to the people of the district.  Finally, his democratic challenger is pretty close to the far left on the political spectrum and IMHO is too far to the left of the majority of the residents of the district. 

Senator Jeannemarie Devolites Davis resides in a purple to even blue district.  She realizes this and has taken positions that appeal to residents in her district.  She can also take credit as one of the major architects of the Northern Virginia funding piece of the transportation bill.  Her challenger should not be taken lightly.  On the money side of things Jeannemarie has at least 500,000 dollars while her challenger recently announced he has barely raised 100,000 dollars.

All three of these races will be tough races and nothing should be taken for granted.  Please consider donating or volunteering.  Democrats will be extremely energized this cycle.  Across the state there are at least two other districts that need to be watched closely.  They are Chichesters old seat and a competitive seat in the Hampton Roads area. 

For other worthy NoVa Republican candidates check out Red Storm Virginia


~ by novamiddleman on March 28, 2007.

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