Its the voters stupid

Ok, so everyone is buzzing about the money totals for the first quarter.  This is one of many factors that shows the strength of a particular campaign.  Another factor is looking at the first two primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire.

For the Republicans Giuliani leads John McCain in Iowa and they are virtually tied in New Hampshire along with Mitt Romney.

Iowa Results

New Hampshire Results

For the Democrats Edwards, Obama, and Hillary have respectable totals in both states making it a three person race.  In Iowa, Edwards lead has shrunk recently and he is barely ahead of Hillary.  In New Hampshire, Clinton is ahead.  

Iowa Results

New Hampshire Results 

It’s still very early, but in the end its important to remember, money helps but its the voters that ultimately decide who will be the nominee.


~ by novamiddleman on April 3, 2007.

One Response to “Its the voters stupid”

  1. I agree, and that’s why I think grassroots work is so key. You, as a voter, can sit at home, receiving all the literature and phone calls from the candidates. But it’s the party activists that work to get their voters to the polls that makes a winner!

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