A few local items

Tomorrow, starting at 7:30 PM at the Burke area Library, the Braddock District Council will be hosting a current legislator forum to discuss the legislative session.

The next three nights (Monday-Wednesday), public hearings for the 3.3. Billion (yes thats a B) Fairfax County Budget will be held beginning at 7 PM at the Fairfax County government center.  To speak, you need to signup.

For more information click here 


~ by novamiddleman on April 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “A few local items”

  1. Somewhere I managed to misplace your email, but I wanted to correct something you left in Lowell’s comments.

    You said: “It’s true they both generally accept anyone
    However,you remember the dustup with Waldo and Castle right? Guess when BNN was created… right around that time. Ever since then, in general those that lean left follow Waldo’s aggregator more and those that lean right use BNN more.”

    That is simply false. BNN was created in July 2006. Do a technorati search and you’ll see Bearing Drift, Vivian and many others writing about it will before the Dec/Jan dustup over Waldo’s aggregator.

    If you’re feeling generous, I’d be happy if you corrected the record at Raising Kaine.

    Dave Mastio

  2. Sorry, I should have clarified that the Castle section was formed then and not BNN.

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