NoVa: Supporting the rest of the state

The general theme of the Braddock legislative forum was transportation

The regional plan provides much needed additional funding, however Northern Virginia needs are priced anywhere from 700 Million to 1 Billion a year and participants agreeded the issue needs to be revisited in the near future.

There are new options to raise additional monies along interstates through tolls.  Impact fees for rezoning were highlighted as another new revenue impact of the plan.  However, this will not provide much difference in Fairfax since much of the area is already built out or zoned.  

Northern Virginia contains about 25% of the population and receives an equitable portion of construction funds after transit is combined with road monies.  However the area only receives 11% of maintanence funds.  Northern Virginia gets a better return on investment using transportation funds instead of general funds.  Adding additional monies to the general fund hurts Northern Virginia because the return rate is so poor.

Several attempts have been made to change the allocation formulas at the state level to be more equitable to the Northern Virginia area but there are not enough votes.  So, my personal thought is starve the state and rely on regional and local plans.  However, due to the dillon rule there are limited options to raise money at the local level.  Even if the dillon rule could be changed, local taxes should not be added unless state taxes are lowered at a similar rate.       


~ by novamiddleman on April 11, 2007.

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