NVTA on NVTA on HB 3202

Acronym soup right?  Here we go, the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) is the regional body authority that is tasked by HB 3202 (the transportation bill) to decide which taxes and fees will be levied in the greater NoVa region and how the money will be collected and which projects will be funded and how the projects will be built (phew).

In the past, the NVTA has basically been no more than an advisory board with little real power.  Needless to say, the role of the NVTA is greatly expanding.  The NVTA is beginning to study how to grow in order to potentially manage up to 400 million dollars of transportation funds on an annual basis.

The Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance (NVTA) oh great identical acronyms :-p is a transportation advocacy group.  From the NVTA(Alliance), tonight May 10 the NVTA(authority) is holding the only public meeting to get comments on how the organization should develop.  Individuals can get more information and can also send comments directly to the NVTA(authority) through this link.  I strongly urge anyone interested in how up to 400 million dollars is going to be spent and managed to provide feedback to the NVTA(authority).


~ by novamiddleman on May 10, 2007.

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