State Senate Kickoff

Two major Republican candidate state senate selections this weekend

In the 28th its a firehouse primary between four candidates.  Virginia Virtucon has been leading the coverage.  For what its worth and since I am the 98th most influential blogger :-p.  Novamiddleman supports Richard Stuart.  VV interview is here

Closer to home, the 33rd is tomorrow as well and is open to any Republican voters.  I believe John Andrews is more in tune with this district and has a better chance in November.  His issues page highlights this.    

I believe primaries make candidates stronger.  After this is over, everyone needs to come back together and focus on November.


~ by novamiddleman on May 18, 2007.

7 Responses to “State Senate Kickoff”

  1. Simply put, Patricia Phillips is right on the important issues facing Northern Virginia and John Andrews either waffles or is flat wrong. Patricia would re-write the transportation bill to, among other things, get rid of the new regional taxation it inflicts on Northern Virginians. Andrews’ literature says he “supports the transportation bill”. Patricia has pledged not to raise taxes, saying that the rising Virginia economy, and the increased taxes it brings, are sufficient to fully fund the core state responsibilities (roads, education, and public safety); Andrews has said “I don’t want to take (raising taxes) off the table.”

    Andrews’s latest mailing “What you must know before voting” distorts both his record and what Patricia has said about it. He says Patricia lied when she said “Ten years ago, Mr. Andrews was writing checks to then Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Don Beyer – who was running against Republican candidate Jim Gilmore.” Fact: Andrews wrote Democrat Don Beyer two checks, one for $125.00 on 7/15/1997 and one for $2000.00 on 10/6/1997
    Check the facts out for yourself at:

    Patricia NEVER said John had a weak record of supporting Republicans. Those are his words he tries to ascribe to Patricia so he could then call her a liar. Bad form, John!

    Andrews says Patricia slandered him when she pointed out “Mr. Andrews is praised by Equality Loudoun for his efforts on the Loudoun County School Board. Equality Loudoun is a non-partisan lobbying, education and support network for gay lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight-allied communities.” Fact: As Chairman of the School Board, John crafting a school policy on school activities that ignored community standards, limited parental control and was praised by Equality Loudoun. Check the facts out for yourself at:

    You may not always agree with Patricia, but she will not try to deceive you simply to win an election. She stands for Principled Republican Values and always has.

    Laurel Muller

  2. This gal put the EXACT same post on my blog. Interesting.

  3. Interesting indeed.

    Fact: The “praise” that Mrs. Phillips falsely attributes to Equality Loudoun is actually a Loudoun Times-Mirror editorial archived under “Editorials and Letters to the Editor” on our site in a history of the play policy controversy.

    Equality Loudoun opposed the policy, and warned the School Board that it could result in a costly lawsuit. It’s all documented here:

    I’m sorry to tell you this, but Patricia Phillips lied.

  4. David, you are wrong.

    If you look at what Patricia Phillips said, she was forthright and did not exaggerate. To the contrary, John’s handlers advised him poorly when they had him run his mailer repeatedly calling her a liar. Anyone who has more than a passing knowledge of Patricia knows that is absurd.

    Jonathan & David notwithstanding, the letter, editorial, whatever was posted on the Equality Loudoun website in a section that ran, from the gay perspective, positive articles. Whether either of them penned it, or simply posted it, is immaterial. It would be a totally different thing had that article been posted in Equality Loudoun’s “Know your Enemy” section, where they put articles and letters with viewpoint’s opposed to their own. (It wasn’t, at least as of election day.) If it had been in the “Know your Enemies” section and she had used it (which she wouldn’t have) you could yell distortion.

    Anyone who looked at that site and checked out the other articles in that section, and compared it to the things in the “Know your Enemies” section in an unbiased way, will have to concede that the article was 1) posted on Equality Loudoun’s web 2) was positive to John Andrews, and 3) had no negative comments posted in response to it by either the Weintraubs or any other pro-gay writer. It was a puff piece for John, pure and simple. Patricia Phillips simply stated a fact that voters were entitled to be aware of.

    Of course if you look at other items on the Equality Loudoun web site, you will find that the Wientraubs have vehemently disagreed with Patricia and her work for Concerned Women for America. So it stands to reason that they would try to attack her reputation for honesty.


  5. Laurel,

    We are the authorities over our own lives, not CWA. If Patricia in her capacity as head of CWA lies about us, correcting the record does not constitute an attack on her reputation. She harms her reputation all by herself.

  6. Nice try, Laurel, but no. The Loudoun Times-Mirror editorial in question was the editor’s response to the ugly hate speech contained in letters to the editor that are posted in our Hall of Shame, as well as in speeches before the School Board. What the editor may have thought about the proposed policy or of Mr. Andrews really wasn’t the point.

    The central fact of this dirty trick that can’t be spun away is this: The Phillips campaign reversed the positions of Equality Loudoun and Patricia Phillips in order to create a false distinction and smear her opponent. Fact: John Andrews voted for the policy. Fact: Patricia Phillips said that she was very pleased with the policy. Fact: Equality Loudoun opposed the policy and warned the School Board that they were headed for a lawsuit (an action that, as I recall, rather angered Mr. Andrews).

    There is just no way of interpreting what the Phillips campaign did here as anything other than a flat out lie. Laurel, Patricia, whoever else came up with this brilliant plan: Grown-ups admit when they’re wrong. I suggest you suck it up and do just that.

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