Grass and more

So yesterday, the Washington Post had the story about grass growing too tall on median strips.  The story had several quotes and pictures from members of the board of supervisors.  They were all democrats..  

This story wasn’t really a story it was a manufactured press release.  Why else would photos of supervisors standing in the grass appear.  You can’t honestly tell me with a straight face that the post had an investigative reporter look into the grass issue.  Maybe a concerned citizen suggested the story but something still seems fishy to me. 

As a final conclusion once again the board comes off as a bunch of whiners.  Whether its transportation funds,high quality education for all, or dealing with overcrowding there is always an excuse.   I wonder when they will actually take responsibility and try to solve issues instead of complaining.     


~ by novamiddleman on May 30, 2007.

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