Risky Rail and Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

There are very few issues that are able to unite the left and right anymore.  This is especially true in local politics.  The rail situation in Tysons Corner and beyond is one of these issues. 

I will briefly outline the major problems with the Dulles Rail project as is.

1.  The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has met in closed session to discuss this issue.  Today one of the few “open meetings” will have no opportunity for the public to comment

2.   Contract issues.  The current contract is sole-sourced to one company and was negotiated behind closed doors.  Additionally, a federal financial impact statement on the contract is not going to be available for several months.  Freedom of Information Act requests for information on the contract have been denied.

3.  Costs:  see the Bacons Rebellion link, but to summarize the project has blown past the 5Billion dollar mark and who know what the final cost will eventually be.  The cost overruns will primarily be paid for by Dulles Toll Road users.

4.  Overall impact of the project:  The environmental impact study for rail stated that congestion will actually INCREASE after the project has been completed.

The bottom line is the Rail to Dulles and aerial option in Tysons stinks and needs to be seriously overhauled or rejected.  For much much more bipartisan analysis see the following

Mason Conservative 

Raising Kaine

Bacons Rebellion

Tysons Tunnel Organization  

Finally to the Fairfax BoS: wake up and do what is right from an economic and quality of life standpoint for the citizens of Fairfax County.    


~ by novamiddleman on June 4, 2007.

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