Rock the Vote Tomorrow

Across Virginia tomorrow, primary races will be held for state senators and delegates, and county and city governments.

On the Republican side, most of the local races have already been decided.  For the latest Loudoun County results from the weekend see Too Conservative.

In the one final local Republican primary, two quality candidates are running for springfield supervisor.  One candidate has more of the party machine and added name recognition behind him and will win.

Statewide several incumbant senators are being primaried.  I basically agree with GOP Hokie’s analysis that none of the challengers will win.  The question then becomes is VCAP finally ready to dissolve. 

For the democrats, there are several local competitive races.  Raising Kaine has all of that information.  In the Fairfax Providence District, Charlie Hall is challenging the sitting incumbant.  Charlie has promised to listen more to his constituents (especially on growth issues), investigate why government spending is increaing so quickly, and ensuring that rail to Dulles is done in a cost-effective manner.  For my sole endorsement tomorrow I strongly encourage people to vote for Charlie Hall.  



~ by novamiddleman on June 11, 2007.

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