Metro is a done deal

Sometimes I just want to puke

From the Washington Post article today

All 10 members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors think that the plan they are scheduled to consider tomorrow to extend Metro to Dulles International Airport is seriously flawed.

Yet by all accounts, they will probably vote overwhelmingly in favor of contributing $400 million to the $5.1 billion project’s first phase. To do otherwise, they say, is to risk killing the entire project — a 23-mile extension that state and local leaders have promoted for more than a decade as the region’s greatest chance to relieve traffic congestion and keep Northern Virginia’s economy chugging.

So there you have it. All 10 of our “great” local officials are voting for a “seriously flawed” plan because they are afraid.

In a largely ceremonial vote today the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will authorize funding to begin the construction of the new silver metro line to Dulles.  Fairfax is on the hook for approximately $829 million to fund the project.  The real victims of this “process” are the Dulles Toll Road users which will fund at least 2.89 Billion dollars of the project and will also likely be saddled with additional cost overruns. 

As has been stated many times before this project will actually increase congestion levels

And the final insult is an excellent piece by the DC Examiner highlighting campaign contribution to Connolly from one of the major contractors of the metro line.

Truly pathetic.  Are there any spines left on the Fairfax County Board?   


~ by novamiddleman on June 18, 2007.

One Response to “Metro is a done deal”

  1. so, DID they vote in favor of it? Do YOU think the plan is flawed? Do YOU think it would be better to start all over again?

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