Is it all worth it?

As the time continues to tick down towards the 2007 November elections the blogosphere has grown increasingly partisan.  Personal attacks are increasing and many “arguments” are based on pure emotion and elementary school tactics instead of logic and facts.  I was beginning to come to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth coming back.

However, there are still some on both sides of the aisle that are able to rise above the din and make logical arguments and even disagree without losing their cool.  Additionally major initiatives are being constantly discussed and debated with little notice by the general public.  So I think it still is worth it and starting next week I’ll try and do my small part to increase the discussion and tone down the rhetoric.


~ by novamiddleman on September 14, 2007.

One Response to “Is it all worth it?”

  1. Thank you. Your contribution will certainly help inform and drive the debate in a more postive direction. Alter of Freedom

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