This is governing?

It seems that more and more politicians are proving that they really aren’t cut out for governing and are more suited towards campaigning.  This problem is compounded in Virginia since there is an election every year and elected politicians spend enormous amounts of time supporting candidates running for political office instead of focusing on actual governance.

The state of Virginia is facing a budget crunch due to the partial collapse of the housing market.  (First problem not seeing the warning signs of the collapse or more basically assuming the meteoric increase of tax receipts would continue unabated)

So in response to the budget crunch Governor Tim Kaine has proposed new spending proposals and initatives.  The real kicker is to pay for these new programs the governor has proposed taking money from the rainy day fund.  Additionally, Governor Kaine is complaining that Republicans don’t want to fund pre-k and is using this as an election issue.

The republicans aren’t off the hook either.  They are criticizing the governor for his irresponsible fiscal policy (which accomplished nothing besides political points)  and then instead of proposing their own pre-k plan or recommending government areas to be reduced they are conveniently silent on what should be done.

This is governing?  No, this is campaigning which hurts the Commonwealth instead of looking for the common good.  To fix this problem, people need to hold politicians accountable, become more independent minded, or at the very least pay more attention.  Along these lines Governor Kaine is participating in a blog question and answer session over at Raising Kaine today and the questions are quite good.  I am hopeful that the Governor will provide specific answers and avoid generalities or even worse avoiding certain questions.


~ by novamiddleman on September 18, 2007.

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