Its really about the need for real community

As the illegal immigration debate continues to swirl and press and attention is given to the most extreme on either side the underlying cause of this debate is being swept under the rug IMHO. Additionally, there is a fairly easy solution to this problem.

But first, some things need to be done It seems a good first step is to check for immigration status once someone is arrested or if someone applies for a job. Another point; almost everyone has or knows someone who has hired some household help from a “center” at one point or another. (But thats another topic)

I personally believe that this whole thing isn’t really about illegal immigration. Its really about the gentrification and change of neighborhoods. For better or worse its really about property values, feeling “comfortable”, maintaining certain “standards”, and ensuring areas aren’t “overrun”. This is true across America and not to call out Arlington too much, but theres a reason people use Route 50 as the dividing line. Now, this might be a little harsh or extreme but remember this is the same area of Home Owners Associations that get in your face if you dare to put a satallite dish up or paint your shutters a different color. This is the same area that has marathon meetings about school boundaries and in the end has several districts that aren’t even contiguous (Yes Arlington I’m calling you out here) This is the same area that has a small group of people that will have complaints about almost anything and will let you know about it…. It’s always easy to frame a debate as us verses them. Heck, thats what the dark side of politics is about; choosing wedge issues that pit normal honest people against each other.

But there is hope and it brings me to the solution. The solution is building community spirit. I know it sounds like an elementary school term. But, it actually works. Most people are moving to this area for a better life and want to get along. When there are problems it is usually because people don’t know any better and they could be remedied if people would simply start talking to one another. Sure, there are some challenges such as language and cultural barriers and there are some rare instances of real abuse. But, in general basic communication is all that is needed.


~ by novamiddleman on September 19, 2007.

One Response to “Its really about the need for real community”

  1. Good point…….you are right that MOST people just want their families to have good lives. Thus, the established families fear that their lifestyle will be upset by people who are “different.” But, they are not so different, since all they want is for THEIR families to have a good life, too.

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