A disturbing trend in government

It seems that more and more government entities are experiencing wild swings in budget projections and shortfalls.  Virginia has gone from multi-billion deficits to surpluses and back to deficits again.  The Dulles metro project has grown by almost a billion dollars but recently has magically “found” 300 million in cost savings to salvage federal funding.  Finally, metro has “revised” its operating budget deficit from around 170 million to 140 million and adjusted its planned rate hike after widespread public outcry.

My main question through all of this is why isn’t the most efficient budget proposed originally.  How can people randomly “find” millions of dollars in cost savings…. is it any wonder that people mistrust government to handle money responsibily.  When you are dealing with other peoples money there is no incentive to keep costs low.


~ by novamiddleman on September 26, 2007.

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