In Maryland its deja vu Virginia Style

So our friendly neighbors to the north are facing an imminent budget showdown

Governor O’Malley has proposed various tax and fee restructuring while making “draconian” cuts to government programs and introducing slots

The republicans have a different point of view and will release details of their plan later today

One quote is particularly interesting

Besides Busch, those counseling delay include Comptroller Peter Franchot (D), the state’s chief tax collector. Franchot said in a recent letter to lawmakers that the volatility of the economy is making revenue projections for the next fiscal year uncertain. He said his office hopes to have a more reliable forecast by December.

“This is the biggest tax change in probably 40 years,” Franchot said yesterday.

“Because it’s so complicated and large, we should take a cautious approach and examine the governor’s proposal from every perspective. That argues against a special session, which by definition is rushed.”

All of this sounds eerily familiar to what happened in Virginia a few years ago with governor Warner.  All  I can say is Maryland don’t be suckered into the same bogus deal that Virginia got during a budget “crisis” situation.

One other other small item Chris Matthew talking about listening in his new book?!?! oh the irony…


~ by novamiddleman on October 1, 2007.

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