Everyone else is doing it… Senate predictions

Dusting off the crystal ball There are six close senate races I see

1st district R-Stall D-Miller Miller wins D pickup

6th district R-Rerras D-Northam Northam wins D pickup

28th district R-Stuart D-Pollard Stuart wins R keeps (close)

34th district R-Devolites Davis D-Petersen Petersen wins D pickup (close)

37th district R-Cuccinelli D-Oleszek Cuccinelli wins R keeps

39th district R-Obrien D-Barker Barker wins D pickup (work here)

I currently see a 21-19 D controlled senate

However, all of these races are in play and alot can change in three weeks. The best hope as an R is to focus on the 39th. Also, the 34th is closer than people think its trending back towards Devolites and there is still close to 1 million dollars to spend the last 20 days.


~ by novamiddleman on October 17, 2007.

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