Why Gary Baise is best for Fairfax and why he is within the margin of error

Gary Baise has an actual platform here Gerry Connolly speaks all things to different constituent groups

Gary Baise wants proffers and inferstructure for development Gerry Connolly let development occur unabated

Gary Baise supports a tunnel through Tysons and supports competitive biding. Gerry Connolly tried to play both sides (which is par for the course) but ended up voting against the Tunnel and openly mocking over 400 tunnel supporters who came to the tunnel vote this spring

Gary Baise understands the illegal alien issue. Gerry Connolly waited and waited then finally acted and he still doesn’t understand the issue.

Too Conservative, The Mason Conservative, Novamiddleman, Virginia Virtucon and BVBL all support Gary Baise. Its rare that the five of these sites will so strongly totally agree on something.

In contrast, Gerry Connolly has no support from the blogosphere. NLS has had several negative posts and even more damning there is NOTHING on RK. At best Gerry has lukeworm support from most democrats

On the same line Gerry Connolly is getting crushed by Gary Baise in signage

Gerry Connolly won the last race with less than 100,000 votes

Gerry Connolly has not guaranteed that he will serve a full-term

The three competitive senate districts are in large portions of swing or lean republican areas (Springfield, Braddock, Sully). The most competitive delegate race is in McLean (see Tysons Tunnel comment above)

The Fairfax County Budget has greatly increased over the last four years and there is very little to show for it. During this time the school population has been flat.

Its time to bring back efficiency, vision, and results to Fairfax County. Vote Baise for chairman

See website to donate or volunteer


~ by novamiddleman on October 25, 2007.

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