Final Iowa Preview

For the Ds

I am still going with Edwards based on what I said about a month ago.  Moving forward nothing will change because Edwards is tied to public financing and Clinton and Obama have enough money and people on the ground to continue to at least Super Tuesday.   I think Clinton will edge out Obama for second but I dont think many independents will abandon Obama in NH which is bad news.

Hillary will eventually be the nominee

For the Rs (I am a McCain supporter)

I think Romney will end up winning due to his more disciplined campaign, more resources, and more and better organized boots on the ground.  Huckabee won’t be too far behind and will stick around until at least South Carolina.

The latest polls have McCain in third in Iowa and beating Romney in NH but the polls aren’t too reliable.  I also think the latest terrorism ad against Romney will create a negative backlash.  In the end I think Romney will win in NH and then cruise to the nomination.

Regardless 2008 will be very interesting and I am going to “try” to blog a little bit more often


~ by novamiddleman on January 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Final Iowa Preview”

  1. How do you feel now that the results are in? With Hillary in third, do you still think she will win? And, Huckabee seems in better shape than Romney.

  2. Why is Obama recruiting the ex-felon demographic to wedge-in his take-over of Virginia?

    Seem a little too cynical to me.

    Here’s today’s AP story that confirms it:;_ylt=AuIex4Q.IBQu1kBbiiFOrJKs0NUE

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