Thank goodness only 4 days left

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Nothing much to say really GOTV GOTV GOTV

Still thinking 21-19 Senate for the dems.

For the house Ds pick up net 2

Ferguson (9th), Matheison (21st), Vanderhye (34th) Loupassi (68th)

See you out on the trail 🙂


Where is the line between politics and governance

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The Washington Post has an excellent article up this morning

Some key snippets are below

As if we needed more evidence, Tim Kaine is no Mark Warner and is a partisan hack of the highest order

Kaine’s efforts reveal a side of the governor that few residents know about. Although Kaine often preaches bipartisanship, the Harvard University-educated lawyer can be a tenacious partisan, spending hours strategizing over how to bolster the state’s Democratic Party, according to his staff and friends.

“Tim’s commitment to party-building has been exceeded by no governor in recent memory,” said C. Richard Cranwell, chairman of the Virginia Democratic Party.

Some senators who were willing to work together with Kaine in the name of compromise eventually got yanked.

Although he found GOP allies in the Senate, the House leadership balked, which prompted a budget impasse that almost forced a government shutdown. During the battle, top Senate leaders tried to get assurances from Kaine that he would not target them in 2007 if they continued to work with him to enact his transportation proposal.

“I said, ‘Tim, what you are asking us to do makes us politically vulnerable, and before we would be willing to do something like that, we would want a commitment that you are not going to come after GOP senators next year,’ ” recounted Sen. Kenneth W. Stolle (R-Virginia Beach). “He came back and said, ‘I can’t give that commitment.’ “

So much for bipartisanship, for Democrats in this election cycle its our way or the highway.  Voters should remember this as they head to the polls.  Do voters really want Raising Kaine type rhetoric in control of Virginia’s future.

Why Gary Baise is best for Fairfax and why he is within the margin of error

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Gary Baise has an actual platform here Gerry Connolly speaks all things to different constituent groups

Gary Baise wants proffers and inferstructure for development Gerry Connolly let development occur unabated

Gary Baise supports a tunnel through Tysons and supports competitive biding. Gerry Connolly tried to play both sides (which is par for the course) but ended up voting against the Tunnel and openly mocking over 400 tunnel supporters who came to the tunnel vote this spring

Gary Baise understands the illegal alien issue. Gerry Connolly waited and waited then finally acted and he still doesn’t understand the issue.

Too Conservative, The Mason Conservative, Novamiddleman, Virginia Virtucon and BVBL all support Gary Baise. Its rare that the five of these sites will so strongly totally agree on something.

In contrast, Gerry Connolly has no support from the blogosphere. NLS has had several negative posts and even more damning there is NOTHING on RK. At best Gerry has lukeworm support from most democrats

On the same line Gerry Connolly is getting crushed by Gary Baise in signage

Gerry Connolly won the last race with less than 100,000 votes

Gerry Connolly has not guaranteed that he will serve a full-term

The three competitive senate districts are in large portions of swing or lean republican areas (Springfield, Braddock, Sully). The most competitive delegate race is in McLean (see Tysons Tunnel comment above)

The Fairfax County Budget has greatly increased over the last four years and there is very little to show for it. During this time the school population has been flat.

Its time to bring back efficiency, vision, and results to Fairfax County. Vote Baise for chairman

See website to donate or volunteer

Sorting through the SchoolBoard

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There are 8 candidates for 3 at-large positions with the school board.  With so many candidates this race is fairly unpredictable.  School Board positions are technically unopposed but most candidates choose to allign themselves with a political party.

Incumbents-  Hunt (R)  Moon (D)  gotta love the website moon4schools

D Endorsed Hone Raney

R Endorsed Braunlich Costantino

Non-Endorsed Cooper, Volkstorf (Green party) but is that really an endorsement :-p

Predictions Moon, Hunt, Braunlich  Power of incumbency for the first two and Braunlich gets the nod with a triple advantage with prior experience on the board which also adds a natural constituency and name recognition, an endorsement from the Washington Post, and being the first candidate listed on the ballot alphabetically.

Everyone else is doing it… Senate predictions

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Dusting off the crystal ball There are six close senate races I see

1st district R-Stall D-Miller Miller wins D pickup

6th district R-Rerras D-Northam Northam wins D pickup

28th district R-Stuart D-Pollard Stuart wins R keeps (close)

34th district R-Devolites Davis D-Petersen Petersen wins D pickup (close)

37th district R-Cuccinelli D-Oleszek Cuccinelli wins R keeps

39th district R-Obrien D-Barker Barker wins D pickup (work here)

I currently see a 21-19 D controlled senate

However, all of these races are in play and alot can change in three weeks. The best hope as an R is to focus on the 39th. Also, the 34th is closer than people think its trending back towards Devolites and there is still close to 1 million dollars to spend the last 20 days.

Metro Wars

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Interesting developments about competing metro funding plans

The newest plan calls for new parking hikes and keeps bus rates flat.

The original plan moderately increased fares for parking, trains and buses

The new plan is much more progressive since bus riders have low incomes and metro riders are more affluent.  Outside my personal bias of being a suburban metro rider, I still think the original plan is better because all users of metro will share the burden of new fees.  I’m still waiting to see exactly why new funds are needed.  Previously, the shortfall gap magically decreased by several tens of millions of dollars unexpectedly.

Thoughts from the Americans for Prosperity (AP) Conference

•October 9, 2007 • 3 Comments

Over 1500 people and 400 Virginians attended the first annual AP conference.  AP works to preserve liberty and freedom by limiting the scope of government and trusting that in most cases individuals can do a better job than government intervention.  One of the highlights of the conference was hearing from seven of the Republican Presidential candidates.

Giuliani gave the best speech and focused on results that he had improving government efficiency and reducing taxes in New York

McCain came in second and gave a speech about the need to eliminate earmarks and other wasteful spending.  Its easy to talk about eliminating taxes. The hard part is being willing to find and eliminate ineffective government programs and McCain did a good job addressing the harder issue.

Romney tossed out a bunch of red meat topics about eliminating taxes but didn’t seem to have a solid grasp on the practicality and impact of his proposals.

Huckabee did an ok job but he didn’t do anything to distinguish himself from the three candidates listed above.

Thompson struggled in his speech(es).  They were unorganized and he struggled to provide a common theme.

Ron Paul did a good job until he proposed eliminating the income tax and jumped off the deep end by not providing an alternative to lost revenue.  He also continued to focus on the abortion issue which seems strange given his overall libertarian platform.

Overall it was interesting to watch the dynamic of the conference between being a partisan Republican event or more of a Libertarian event.  I think a nice balance was achieved and AP will continue to be a strong voice for fiscal conservative, rugged individualists like myself.